The Trousers have released their 6th album 

On the 9th of November The Trousers have released their 6th studio album ANIMAL GUN, the one they had been working on for three years. (Former releases: PLANETARY PROCESS, 2008; SOUL MACHINE, 2010; FREAKBEAT, 2013, MOTHER OF ILLUSION, 2015; INVISIBLE DARKNESS, 2018).

The album contains 10 new songs, published by Music Fashion records, and maybe it is the finest representation of the bands unique mixture of raw 70’s hard rock and 2000’s song oriented garage rock n roll. Three of the songs as singles have already published before (My kind of business, Bag of bones, Hope dies last).

ANIMAL GUN is featuring the members of the band (Zoltán Kőváry, vocals & guitar; Péter Locke, guitar; András Lázár, bass; Samu Antal Gulyás, drums) with two guest musicians (Rita Csányi – backing voclas, from The Anahit; Zsolt Derecskei – keyboards, backing vocals, from The Bits), and it was recorderd, engineered, mixed and mastered by their former drummer, Zoltán Cs. Szabó.

The suggestive cover was created by significant Hungarian fine artist Richárd Vass. The songs were mostly composed by frontman Zoltán Kőváry, but two of them (My kind of business, All over shaking down) were co-written by his late brother, Péter Kőváry, an outstanding singer-songwriter-guitarist of bands The Royal Rebels, Neo and Stoned, who sadly passed due to an incurable disease this summer. The Trousers dedicated the album tot he memory of Peter, who was their friend and brother-in-rock.

The Trousers - Animal Gun - 2400p